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Make Your Short Term Retail Signs POP (without Blowing Your Budget).

Discount signs in a shop window.Many of our clients frequently produce short term presentation or retail promotional graphics.  These need to look great, but are often going to be thrown away shortly after they are used.  So of course, it’s important these graphics look professional but the goal is to accomplish this without making a huge dent in the overall marketing budget.
Knowing the right materials to request from your printer can reduce your short term signage budget by as much as 70%.  Here’s how.

Budget Saving Tips for Short Term Retail Projects

To Laminate, or Not to Laminate? 

Lamination keeps your prints clean, adds a professional finish to your graphics and protects them from UV exposure.  But in the case of a short term event, it’s often unnecessary.  Consider printing on satin coated paper.  It prints beautifully and doesn’t show fingerprints like gloss paper.  Satin paper will also let you wipe off minor blemishes unlike matte or uncoated paper.

Takeaway Tip: Lamination is great for protecting a long term print but for something like a single presentation, it’s probably not worth the 20%-25% it adds to your graphic cost.

Mounting decisions made easy. 

As is true with lamination, mounting your graphics to a board adds a professional touch.  It’s often necessary for the display of standalone graphics.  Foamcore is the most practical rigid board to use for short term graphics. It’s lightweight and very inexpensive, about 50% less than Ultraboard or Gatorfoam While it’s true that Foamcore is not as durable as the more expensive options, there is absolutely no difference in the look of your final graphic after production.

Takeaway Tip: Don’t let the fear of damage discourage you from using Foamcore for short term signage.  Transporting your graphics in a corrugated box with bubble wrap will keep them safe from harm.

What about outdoor signage?

For outdoor signage we typically recommend clients use 4mm Coroplast for rigid signs.  This is the standard for political or short term realty signs (like open house signs).  You should request direct to board UV printing so your signs will not be compromised by the weather.  For banners, scrim vinyl does a nice job and fits into most signage budgets.  Additional recommendations for wide format banners can be found here.

For short term, and all of your retail signage needs, we would love to be your print provider.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or to provide a quote for your next project.

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