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How to Improve Subcontractor Bid Response

How to Improve Subcontractor Bid Response: For Goodness Sake Click “Yes” or “No” For the past 7 years in construction I have watched the economy take a nose dive and slowly begin to recover. There are a good couple of months, a downturn, a string of promise, followed by another downturn. Now, we are finally […]

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Evaluating Construction Technology with a Lean Mindset

In today’s market, keeping up with the globalization of services is tougher than ever. Adobe now offers cloud storage as an additional item with their latest versions of Adobe products; Ricoh offers business development services with the purchase of a copier. The list goes on and on. As more and more corporations offer value-added services with […]

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How to Flatten PDF Annotations – Protect Your Files

Electronic annotations help us streamline communication and expedite changes quickly on construction documents. As more and more programs are allowing us to annotate in this way, we’ve seen some security issues with file sharing.  Using a program that outputs your file as a PDF, does not mean it’s flattened and even worse, it could mean your files are […]

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