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Construction Printing Services

Our partnerships within the A/E/C industry go back over 60 years.  This experience has given us valuable insight on the print challenges that you face daily, and we’ve put that knowledge to good use.

constructiondocuments-300x298In each of our five locations, you’ll find professional and precise scanning and printing for your wide and small format construction documents.  With our services, you can print  in black and white or cost-effective color and up to 105,000 wide format documents daily.

We’ve developed partnerships in over 400 locations nationwide and can offer same day printing to those areas at no additional charge to you.

Order Prints.

They did an awesome job staying on top of the tasks that I threw on them.  Their performance on this task and their tremendous help in every other interaction I have with them is an extreme positive for Shape Images and keeps Crescent a very happy customer.” -Mike Sullivan, Preconstruction Manager Crescent Communities

LOOKING TO SAVE? Use our Voucher Program to save money on your minimum order visits.

By purchasing a voucher for 10 visits, you’ll save up to 50%. It works just like a frequent buyer card. Bring your voucher in, or we’ll keep it on file for you, and we’ll punch your card when you pick up your project drawings.

No invoices, no cash or credit cards makes your pick-ups quick and easy.

Purchase your vouchers today.

Construction Document Scanning and File Transfers

Our web-based file transfer solution allows for fast and secure transfer of documents.  Be sure to ask about scanning and archiving of outdated documents on CD or DVD for future retrieval.

Put our experience and attention to detail to work on your next construction printing or document management project.